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Market Perspective

by Michael Dil, CFA

Chief Investment Officer

Q4 2021

Although North American equity indices have steadily climbed year-to-date, index performance hides much of the choppiness that lies beneath its surface. Last quarter, we cautioned investors about the risks of normalizing economic growth & above-average inflation, and are now beginning to see softness appear in broad-based economic data.

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Q3 2021

In the pandemic’s early days, policymakers’ major concerns were predicated on whether or not unprecedented stimulus measures would be enough to rejuvenate the economy from the worst global recession since the Great Financial Crisis. Chief among which was whether or not there would be an economic rebound strong enough to prevent broad-based GDP deterioration and/or lasting unemployment.

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Q1 2021

The first quarter of 2021 brought a change in leadership, not just in Washington, but in all corners of the market. That which had been hot for so long, ceased to be, while that which had been cold, warmed up. Dividend stocks rose, the energy sector bested them all, and inflation reared its head.

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Q2 2020

Global financial markets which where ravaged through the later half of the first quarter of 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic spread virulently across the globe, have rebounded nearly as quickly on the relief of unprecedented monetary and fiscal stimulus and signs of economic turnaround as business shutdowns have eased and economic activity began to return for many sectors of the global economy.

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Q1 2020

A ten plus year bull market for global equities has finally come to an end–brought to its knees by the effects of a tiny and invisible enemy, yet one so powerful and potentially pervasive that governments, financial markets and society as a whole appear consumed by its grasps.

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Q3 2019

Global markets had another eventful quarter amid elevated geopolitical uncertainty and a slowing global economy.

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Q2 2019

After a wild and disappointing Q4 2018, global markets rebounded sharply from last year’s sell-off and positive momentum has generally carried forward through the second quarter of 2019.

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Q1 2019

The fourth quarter of last year was challenging for most investors. Contractions across all major asset classes resulted in negative returns for 2018, despite significant expansion in the global economy.

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Mandeville Launches Mandeville Vault

A Message from our Chief Operating Officer

Veteran investor Michael Lee-Chin on what he is looking for in 2022

The billionaire and founder of investment firm Portland Holdings also shares his thoughts on Bitcoin, public markets and niche health-care investing

Investment Loan Program Announced

Mandeville Private Client Inc. Enters Into Arrangement With Duca Financial Services Credit Union To Offer Investment Loan Program

WP-Other Life piece featuring Michelle Hastick-Cowell

Michelle Hastick-Cowell sees many parallels between her track and field career and her work as an investment advisor

WP Top Teams feature on Michael Prittie and his team in Ottawa

This September will mark 34 years in the wealth management industry for Michael Prittie

WP-Other Life piece featuring Michelle Hastick-Cowell

Michelle Hastick-Cowell sees many parallels between her track and field career and her work as an investment advisor

Sean Moir - Mandeville’s investment philosophy

The firm is well-known for its strategy of using private and alternative investment vehicles.

Emphasizing Differentiation

Mandeville advisors came together at the recent Mandeville Advisor Conference in Halifax to share ideas and best practices and gain insight on how to set their practices apart

Goodman to honour visionary entrepreneur Michael Lee-Chin

Prominent entrepreneur Michael Lee-Chin has been selected as the Goodman School of Business 2019 Distinguished Leader.


Democratizing opportunities for investors

WPC talked to Portland Holdings chairman and CEO Michael Lee-Chin about how advisors can differentiate themselves by opening up new avenues of investment for their clients

Mandeville COO, Frank Laferriere is featured as an Industry Icon in the recent issue of Wealth Professional magazine.

Frank Laferriere has always had an appreciation for advisors. Now, as SVP and COO of Mandeville Private Client, he’s helping advisors differentiate themselves by finding new avenues to create wealth for their clients.


Leadership tips from Michael Lee Chin

The Portland Holdings and Mandeville Group chairman and CEO shares some advice on how to become a successful leader.

Mandeville CIO on AM 680

Crisis and recovery

Sean Moir - CKTB 610 am

A look at the markets

Mandeville PM Sean Moir on AM 680

What will be the new normal?

BNN Interview

Michael Lee-Chin teams up with Lanterra for 42-storey Toronto condo


Michael Lee-Chin's keynote presentation to the World Bank/Miami Herald Forum

Video of Michael Lee-Chin's keynote presentation to the World Bank/Miami Herald Forum on the Caribbean

Ontario Teachers CIO: We Want 64% or so in Private Assets

Bjarne Graven Larsen, Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan chief investment officer, talks with Bloomberg's Erik Schatzker at the Capitalize for Kids Investors Conference in Toronto. (Source: Bloomberg)

Why do the CPP's investments look nothing like your RRSP?

Mark Wiseman, President & CEO, CPP Investment Board discusses accessing alternative investments.

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